Sunday 2 December 2012

Project management and time off tracking with MrTickTock 2.0

MrTickTock 2.0 has been released and published at

What's new?

We have added popups with details for tasks, projects and customers, improved time off tracking and reporting and fixed bunch of reported issues. Here is the list of most important changes:

  • Task, project and customer details popup
    Simply click task, project or customer name anywhere across the application and you will get a nice popup with details like reported time, involved users, description and action buttons (close, edit, etc.). Take a look:

  • Project estimated time
    Few of our customers requested that feature. In the project details popup you can set Estimated Time in hours and watch the project progress bar showing hours worked vs estimated time:

  • Hide closed items and blocked users on the Reports page
    When your list of tasks, projects and customers grows you probably want to close some of them and keep your views clean. That was already possible for most of the MrTickTock screens and now it works on the Reports page as well. The Reports page is no more cluttered with closed customers and projects or blocked users. You can of course show all items with one click:

  • Time off and overtime summary
    Since MrTickTock 1.9 it was possible to generate Days off report. Now you can also add time off summary to the standard time report:

  • Set non-working day for the entire company
    When admin sets non-working day, system asks if it should be set for all users. That is really useful as holiday days are usually the same for all or most of the users. Prior to that change every user had to mark holiday individually. Screenshot:

  • Set, clear and extend time off from the popup calendar
    If you work in a group then you have most likely used popup calendar for team absence preview. Now the calendar is even more powerful. You can set day off (vacation, sick, non-working), extend the absence period or delete it:

MrTickTock 2.0 contains also bunch of other improvements and bug fixes. We hope that it will make your life and business much easier.

What's next?

Version 2.1 will focus on performance improvements. It will be dedicated for users with big number of tasks and other data.
We will also introduce limited-user role. It will allow to invite users with permission to report time only (no create tasks or see other data). That's another feature asked by our customers.

Next we will work on billable hoursinvoices and other similar features.

That's all for today folks. You can try all of that at

We also publish most recent news via Twitter

Please note that we have moved tracking user ideas and feedback from JIRA to UserVoice at

MrTickTock team

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