Thursday 3 July 2014

MrTickTock 2.9 - custom absence categories and time off approval

MrTickTock 2.9 has just been released and published at

What's new?

In this version we have added two most voted features:
  • Custom absence sub-categories
    There is a new "Other" category which contains list of customized absence sub-categories. The initial set of the items is: "Paid leave", "Unpaid leave", "Parental leave", "Other" and can be configured from the company Settings page.

  • Time off approval
    We have added new Absences tab containing list of awaiting time off requests. Admin can accept or reject any request. Only "Vacation" and "Other" categories require approval ("Sick leave" and "Public holiday" categories do not).
    Awaiting requests are marked with grey icon across the service (Tick-Tock page, calendar, etc.).
    Time off approval feature is enabled by default and can be disabled from the company Settings page (making the Absences tab invisible).

As usually this release contains bunch of bug fixes and improvements.

What's next?

In next versions we are going to add several minor improvements to make the service more user friendly and easy to use.
We are also waiting for your suggestions and ideas! Please drop a comment below or browse our
feedback system.

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MrTickTock team