Monday 29 August 2022

End of MrTickTock

<UPDATE 27 September 2022>

I'm pleased to announce that MrTickTock has been acquired. 

The new owner is excited to begin working on the platform and is committed to keeping the service running indefinitely. There will be no stoppage in service. The new owner has a solid vision for the next evolution of MrTickTock, and more information will be provided in the coming days.


<UPDATE 21 September 2022>

The EOL date has been prolonged to November 17th, but there is a good chance that MrTickTock will stay available longer, maybe forever. 

I'll come up with more information in the coming days. 


<UPDATE 14 September 2022>

I am trying to sell MrTickTock on the site. If it is successful, the service will operate as usual, and no EOL will happen.

If there is no buyer, I'll share the code on GitHub and make it free for personal and internal use. 

I'll come up with more information in the coming days. 

</UPDATE> will be discontinued as of November 17th, 2022.


MrTickTock was created as a need for a lightweight and agile way of tracking time within the company I co-created and worked at. 

At the same time, it became my first publicly offered service that I tried to commercialize. It was a stunning business lesson and a fascinating journey of creating my own product. I learned how important it was to listen to customers and try to engage them, implement innovative features, pay attention to details, keep the cost of maintenance low, work remotely, and many more. 

Since the creation of MrTickTock, I left my company and focused entirely on a new business. The new company, HeroCoders, turned out to be very successful and fast growing. But I committed to it my whole time and even more. 

As a result, the active development of MrTickTock stopped in mid-2016. No new features have appeared since then, and only minor maintenance and bug fixing have happened. 

It could not last forever because SaaS apps need attention. Library and frameworks upgrade, DB maintenance, performance tweaks, UX improvements, and more. 

With great sadness, I admit I have no time to keep the project running. Therefore, MrTickTock will stop working from October 7th, when the current SSL certificate expires. Soon after, the domain and hosting will expire, too, making the service unavailable. 

What will happen to the data?

All data will be destroyed and disappear when MrTickTock shuts down. 

Please use the "Reports" tab => "Show report" button => "Export to..." button functionality to back up all your data if you need it. 

The export size is limited (I had no time to fix/extend it), so you might not be able to export all the data at once. Please divide it into smaller (e.g. monthly) chunks in that case. 


All payments will be cancelled on Oct 7th. If you don't need MrTickTock access sooner, please make sure to cancel your subscription at "Account" => "Manage subscription" link as presented below. 

No refunds will be made for payments prior to Oct 7th


Thank you for being my customer for all those years. Thank you for all the feedback, feature requests, and for creating an iOS app. It was an exciting and memorable journey that had come to an end. 

Jacek Jaroczynski