Sunday 14 June 2015

MrTickTock 3.2 - security is important

MrTickTock 3.2 has just been released and published at

What's new?

Here is what we have added and improved in this version:

  • New accepted time format
    Speed of time storing is one of our strongest points. Keyboard shortcuts and general UX excellence of the Tick-Tock page is our top priority.
    This time we have added one more option for time format, i.e. [0-9]{4}. It means that we can skip colon when typing full 4 digits entry, e.g. 0230 means 2:30 (two and half hours) and 1000 means 10:00 (exactly ten hours).

  • Security improvements
    We pay a lot of attention to security on a daily basis when developing the app. Nevertheless our experience in software development told us that we should do even more.
    Thanks to Salman Khan from we found few issues in both configuration and application code. Solving them allowed us to move MrTickTock and our users data security to the next level. Now we all can sleep even better :)
What's next?

In next version we will again focus on UX, bugs and usability issues and features.

We are also waiting for your suggestions and ideas! Please drop a comment below or browse our
feedback system.

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MrTickTock team