Saturday 25 August 2012

Time off report in MrTickTock 1.9

MrTickTock 1.9 has been released and published at

What's new?

Time off report is the biggest new feature but you can also find a lot of other useful improvements. Here is the list:
  • Days off report
    It allows to quickly find a number of vacation and sick days used by your employees or co-workers. It is extremely important information if your company wants to track time off or you have regular employees and your country law requires vacation and sick days tracking. Here is how it looks like:

  • Users selection in Time worked and Days off reports
    Do you manage a team of several users and want to generate report only for few of them? Nothing simpler. Now you can select individual people you want to include in the report:

  • New Time worked report
    We have added simplified report grouped by Total which means that you will get in your report only total worked time without details such as tasks, projects, customers or dates:

  • Calendar preview for absence
    Did you use Google Calendar to track vacation and liked its simplicity and the way of displaying time off? We have added something similar. It is monthly time off popup - great solution for managers who want to plan work ahead and need a quick preview for the coming month. Look at the screenshots:

  • Close/Archive Customers and Projects
    If your project contains several tasks it is not convinient to close all tasks within the project in order to hide them from the view. It is simpler to close the project. Now you can do that and all the tasks from that project will behave as they were closed. You can also close entire customer to make all projects and all tasks from that projects behave as closed:

  • Search tasks by name
    Do you work with tasks a lot? Do you have plenty of them? We have a good news for you. Task management is now much simpler. You can filter tasks by customer, project and task name with our handy text box filter:

  • User info popup
    It is a nice popup with user's basic information like active task, time worked and days off in last week, month and year. Click on the user name anywhere within application and you will see it:

  • Allow admin to change users' settings
    Sometimes you may want to setup few things for new folks joining the company. Number of hours worked per day, yearly vacation limit or any other user setting can be accessed and changed by an admin:

  • Disable possibility to report time for the future
    It may sound strange but we allow to report time for the future by default. We believe that limitations are wrong. Employees and managers should trust each other to make the work smooth and have fun. Nevertheless we also belive that application should be flexible and give users freedom of choice so if you want to disable time reporting for the future, here it is:

As usually there are many other simple improvements and bug fixes which make MrTickTock more usable and friendly.

What's next?

Version 2.0 will bring  more popus with basic information for tasks, projects and customers. It will be possible to add details for customers like description, email and contact data, estimated time for the project, description for tasks, etc.
We will also add time off and overtime information to the time worked reports.

After 2.0 we want to add billable hoursinvoices and integration with other project and task management software like JIRA and Google tasks.

That's all for today folks. You can try all of that at

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MrTickTock team


  1. Fantastic. Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. Nice stuff i love Mr.TickTock. It has changed the way i view my work and freetime as a freelancer. Very intuitive interface!


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