Tuesday 3 April 2012

Time Reporting with MrTickTock 1.7

MrTickTock 1.7 has been released and published at http://mrticktock.com.

What's new?

In this version we have focused on the Reports section. You can also find few other improvements which make MrTickTock more flexible:
  • Group by date and task report (with or without comments)Few of our users asked for this kind of report as they wanted to see more detailed preview of their weekly/monthly work with possibility to share it easily with their customers. It is also possible to attach all available public comments to the report to make it even more detailed. All of that can be of course exported to CSV, single HTML page or PDF.
  • Reports settings are now remembered
    Most of us usually play with the same settings all the time. The same date period (e.g. previous month), the same set of Projects (e.g. All) and the same type of the report (e.g. grouped by Date). Now you don't need to set it every time you visit the Reports page. They are now stored as a cookie in your browser and restored every time you visit the page.
  • Grouped by Date report in compact mode
    If you switch between projects quite often then your monthly project report can contain many gaps with the 0:00 value reported. Now you can enable Hide dates without reported time checkbox to exclude all dates without reported time and make your report smaller and more legible.
  • Time zone list improvement
    Some of you complained that you cannot find your time zone on the list. It was actually there but not easy to find.
    Now time zone list is shorter, grouped by GMT offset and contains list of available cities. Enjoy!
  • Easy show/hide all tasks
    If you want to start working (add to your main Tick-Tock view) all the tasks you can simply press Select All link available from the Tasks page. There is no need to click every task separately.
  • Balloon hints for new users
    Few of our users complained that they worked with totally different time trackers before and found it difficult to switch to MrTickTock. Therefore we've added few simple balloon hints to show you how to take first steps in our app. We will add few more hints in the next version. We definitely want to make our app self-explanatory so there is no need for external documentation and everyone can quickly start tracking time.
  • Move tasks between projects
    Have you ever wanted to merge projects or simply move single task to another project? Now it is possible. The feature is available from Customers/Projects tab but we will add it also to the standard set of actions available on the Tick-Tock and Tasks tab.
  • Duplicate list of projects/tasks
    That's really useful for those of you who use the same project/tasks structure for all kind of projects and for every customer. You can just create your structure once and then duplicate it for every new customer or project you create. This is another feature requested by our customers. We love to make you happy :)

As usually there are many more simple improvements and bug fixes which make MrTickTock more usable and friendly.

What's next?

Version 1.8 will bring new tracking view focused on the current day with bigger start/stop work buttons, list of working people (users on the clock) and possibility to enter start and stop time (again asked by many of you). The old view will stay as it is so you would be able to pick up the best matching.

After 1.8 we will work on a vacation tracking improvements. We want to make easy not only to set day off but also track Paid Time Off. The new feature will contain calendar preview and summary page.
Another features in the queue are billable hoursinvoices and integration with other project and task management software. We will start with ability to automatically retrieve tasks from JIRA to MrTickTock. Next we will probably integrate with Google tasks.

That's all for today. You can try all of that at mrticktock.com.

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MrTickTock team