Friday 24 January 2014

MrTickTock 2.6 - subscription for Premium plan and logo branding

MrTickTock 2.6 has just been released and published at

What's new?

This version brings small but exciting logo branding feature and allows to subscribe to Premium plan.

  • Logo branding
    Now you can change the standard MrTickTock logo to the custom one.
    Simply go to company profile and provide your url which points to the image (we do not host it on our servers).
    Please note that logo will be scaled to 100x80 pixels so the best is to provide an image of this size or similar proportions.

  • Premium subscription
    Finally it is possible to subscribe to our Premium account (we have chosen FastSpring based in Santa Barbara, CA as the payment operator).
    Since the release date of version 2.6, i.e. January 24 2014, all accounts start with 30 days of Premium trial period. Read more

As usually we have fixed some some bugs and improved few things to make UX more smooth.

What's next?

Version 2.7 will bring additional Premium features and UX improvements. We are going to add:
  • Vacation requests approval.
  • Custom absence types.
  • Possibility to close month.

That's all for today friends. Try all of that at

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MrTickTock team

MrTickTock Premium explained

MrTickTock offers two plans: Free and Premium.

Free plan is available for everyone and is not limited by the number of users, projects or tasks. It is fully functional but simply does not offer Premium features.

Premium plan offers additional features listed below. It costs $3 per user within company account (we do not charge for blocked/dismissed users) per month.

Every account starts with 30 days of free Premium plan. After 30 days Premium account is converted into Free account (premium features become disabled) unless customer decides to subscribe to Premium plan.

What are the Premium features?

Following features are available in Premium plan as of current version 2.6:
  • Admin can modify user's timesheet
    This feature allows admin to edit user's timesheet and perform actions like:
    • add missing time report, 
    • mark day off, 
    • select tasks for user to work on, etc.
  • Admin can control user's permission
    It is possible to reduces privileges of all users across the company with one switch (from the company settings page). This feature allows to block following permissions for user role:
    • pop up customer and project details, 
    • create task,
    • open and close task,
    • delete tasks with no time reported or in case user is the only one who reported time, 
    • edit task name and description.
  • Logo branding
    It is possible to change the standard MrTickTock logo to the custom one (from the company profile page).

Next versions will bring more Premium features:
  • Absence requests approval
    As requested by our customers we will add possibility to approve or deny time off requests.
  • Custom absence types
    Absence types might depend on the company policy and country. This feature will allow to customize absence categories.
  • Close month
    In order to summarize month, bill customers and avoid mistakes we will introduce possibility to disable time reporting capability for a given date and before.

30 days of trial period?

All new and existing accounts start with 30 days of trial period. All Premium features are enabled in that time and become disabled when trial ends (unless the subscription happens).

Please note that above means that MrTickTock account stays fully usable and users can still report time and mark days off, managers can create reports and so on. Our Free account is fully functional. There is absolutely no data loss and no data access loss.

You can find few more details about Premium plan and full list of features on the pricing page.

"Your Premium trial will expire in 30 days"

This message is presented to all existing customers when they first log in to version 2.6.
This message is also presented to all new users when they log in first time at all.

You can expect similar message few days before trial ends and next one right after account loses its Premium status and becomes a Free one.

These messages are pretty and not annoying. They are presented as a small yellow popup which can be closed in a natural way with just one click.

How to subscribe to Premium plan?

That is simple. Just go to your company Profile page, check the price (it depends on the number of active users, we charge $3 per active user) and click the orange "Buy Now" button.

The subscription payment is managed and processed by FastSpring based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Thank you

We would like to thank to all of our existing customers who helped us understand the business better and helped us drive the service with their helpful feedback.

We hope that you will like our Premium features and decide to subscribe. They are really useful for teams. 

If you want to share feedback please drop a comment below or browse our
feedback system and follow us on Twitter if you haven't already.

MrTickTock team