Tuesday 19 February 2013

Time reporting for lawyers and raw data export - MrTickTock 2.1

MrTickTock 2.1 has been released and published at http://mrticktock.com.

What's new?

This is again significant release. We have added support for decimal values method used by law firms and highly voted raw data export feature. We have also published json API.

Here is the list of most important changes:

  • Time tracking for lawyers
    Most attorneys bill in tenth of an hour, which is 6 minute increments. We have added support for that approach and it is possible to generate time report based on most popular 6 or 15 minute intervals. It is also possible to set minimum number of intervals:

  • Raw data export
    Time reports available in MrTickTock are handy and quite powerful but some of you still needs more. It is because your business grows, your customers want more fancy reports or simply because of your habits from the previous time keeping system. It is impossible to support all possible ways of generating output so raw CSV report has been added. The exported data can pushed into other system (e.g. Excel) in order to produce fancy graphs or plots:

  • Tasks filtering on the Tick-Tock page
    Some of you work on a number of tasks simultaneously. No matter whether you are a project manager, super hero who can solve tens of issues a day or your tasks are simply short in terms of time. If your Tick-Tock page is full of tasks it is not very easy to spot the right one in a second. Filtering is an answer to this problem. It is available on the day view only but if you like it and want to have the same on the week view then just let us know. 

  • Progress bar on the Standup page
    Do you work with a team and read daily reports on the Standup page? Are you a manager and want to keep an eye on how much time your team members report? We have a good news for you. We have added a nice visual progress bar for every user:

  • Long task names
    Some users prefer long and descriptive task names over the short acronyms or single worded names. More, some use full sentence to name a task.
    We have increased task name length limit from 50 to 100 characters and fixed how it is displayed across the application. If you need more than 100 characters you can use description.

  • Public API
    Are you a geek? Do you like MrTickTock but miss some integration? Now you can access and manipulate your data with simple https calls. Read more how to build your own extension.
    The first third-party integration is already there - an iPhone app. Check out how it looks like on the features page. Source code is available.

MrTickTock 2.1 contains also bunch of other new things: blocked users improvements, timezone detected and set automatically for new users, users popups and Users page improvements, click-able links in descriptions, improved security and much more.

What's next?

Version 2.2 will focus on performance. It will be dedicated for users with big number of tasks and other data.

We will also make first step towards invoicing and add support for billable and non billable tasks.

We will also allow to reduce user role permissions so they will be able to report time but not create tasks nor see other data. That's a feature asked by our customers.

That's all for today friends. Try all of that at mrticktock.com.

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