Friday 8 August 2014

MrTickTock 3.0 - new licensing model

MrTickTock 3.0 has just been released and published at

What's new?

In this version we have changed licensing model and introduced following UX improvements:
  • API who_is_off
    Our absence tracking model evolved for the last months and API needed to be refreshed. Due to compatibility reasons we decided to leave current who_is_off endpoint without a change and add new who_is_off_v2 to reflect the actual model. See more here.
  • Email confirmation
    That is quite common that people are providing invalid email addresses during sign-up if they only want to quickly test the service. We want to avoid MrTickTock sending messages to not existing email addresses so every new account will be required to confirm the email address in order to enable notifications. The same applies to everyone who changes email address in the profile.
    Email addresses of existing users and users accepting company invitation will be automatically marked as confirmed for obvious reasons.
  • Initial wizard improvement
    That will allow new users to make the first steps more smoothly.

New licensing model

After around six months long experiment with "Evernote" like business model when we have been charging only for Premium account/features, we would like to try traditional approach.

Since now we are offering the service for free to individuals and groups up to 4 active users.
We will charge $3 for every user above that limit.

Why this change? 

Unfortunately we did not gather enough money to sponsor the development of the product without investing more money from our side (what we would like to avoid long term).

How can I help?

If you are an active MrTickTock user and you like the service and number of users actively using the service in your company if grater than 4 then please subscribe and praise our work with some dollars.

If you represent a bigger company with tens of users and think that the service is too expensive then please let us know. We might offer you a discount.

How can I subscribe?

Simply go to your company profile page and hit orange "Buy Now" button:

What's next?

In next version we are going to add more UX improvements to make the service more user friendly and easy to use.
We are also waiting for your suggestions and ideas! Please drop a comment below or browse our
feedback system.

Follow us on Twitter if you haven't already.

MrTickTock team

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