Friday 24 January 2014

MrTickTock 2.6 - subscription for Premium plan and logo branding

MrTickTock 2.6 has just been released and published at

What's new?

This version brings small but exciting logo branding feature and allows to subscribe to Premium plan.

  • Logo branding
    Now you can change the standard MrTickTock logo to the custom one.
    Simply go to company profile and provide your url which points to the image (we do not host it on our servers).
    Please note that logo will be scaled to 100x80 pixels so the best is to provide an image of this size or similar proportions.

  • Premium subscription
    Finally it is possible to subscribe to our Premium account (we have chosen FastSpring based in Santa Barbara, CA as the payment operator).
    Since the release date of version 2.6, i.e. January 24 2014, all accounts start with 30 days of Premium trial period. Read more

As usually we have fixed some some bugs and improved few things to make UX more smooth.

What's next?

Version 2.7 will bring additional Premium features and UX improvements. We are going to add:
  • Vacation requests approval.
  • Custom absence types.
  • Possibility to close month.

That's all for today friends. Try all of that at

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MrTickTock team

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