Monday 16 September 2013

MrTickTock 2.4 and time ranges

MrTickTock 2.4 has just been released and published at

What's new?

This is relatively small release but contains few interesting changes:

  • Time ranges
    Simply put something like 10:30-11:30 into time input field to report two hours and store time span. That feature was requested by our true-blue customer. Enjoy.

    • Now keyword
      If you want to enter time range manually (i.e. provide start and stop time), you can use now keyword in all time input fields. It will be automatically converted into current time:

    • Custom error popup
      Every error related to time report will now pop up nice and legible reddish balloon. It will make reading error messages much easier. Previously it was necessary to mouse over the red field (it did not work for touch devices):

    • Save time button
      On a Day view the standard green Start work button is changed to Save time if anything has been put into time field. It makes it easier to save time with mouse click (pressing Enter still works of course):

    • Reports fixes
      We introduced non-billable tasks some time ago but due to a bug it was impossible to export report containing non-billable tasks to pdf/html/csv. That is fixed already (thank you Ruben for investigation!):

    There are of course few more bug fixes and improvements in MrTickTock 2.4 to make user experience more smooth.

    What's next?

    Version 2.5 will bring requested "enterprise" features:
    • limit access rights for user role so they won't be able to create and modify tasks
    • add possibility to modify users' timesheet by admins.

    That's all for today friends. Try all of that at

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    Jacek and MrTickTock team


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