Tuesday 27 March 2012

Woman voice

Hey all,

We just got a woman voice regarding MrTickTock name and wanted to share it with all of you.

MISTER Tick Tock?
Are there no women that work in your company? With all the women-hating going on around the planet, I'm a little sensitive. Perhaps you could rename your software TickTock, just to not get on the nerves of all the women who use your software and see that MISTER thing every time. Just saying.
Our answer:
You wrote this as anonymous so probably won't read the response but anyway...
Actually you are right. There are no woman in our company and personally I very regret that.
We wanted to use MrTickTock instead of just TickTock to make it special and more human like, to show our customers that we are different, we listen to their needs and try to fulfill their wishes. Actually we are in the middle of the way. At the end we want to have animated MrTickTock logo which is sad when somebody deletes the account or very happy if they invoice the customer and earn money. We want to make MrTickTock live.
There is of course no way to call it Miss or Misses TickTock as the logo and name is clock-like and quite dumpy. It is just like a man. We would love to add some feminine accent to the application and make it more woman friendly so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear your feedback.

Source: https://jira.spartez.com/browse/TT-414

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