Saturday 3 December 2011

Hello MrTickTock users, fellows and newcomers.

Welcome to the new MrTickTock blog. 

We will post here new version announcements, ideas and other stuff about MrTickTock - our smart web based time tracker.
Well, actually MrTickTock is not only time tracker. We aim to make it also task and project management tool as well as an agile utility which helps teams to follow an agile processes. Remote SCRUM standup support is the first step towards that goal.

Feel free to subscribe if you are a current user of MrTickTock or you are interested how we do agile... Yes, we are agile. We practice SCRUM but we believe that every process and every case requires individual approach. None of the project management methodologies will work if you try to use it blindly without deep understanding. We strongly believe that users should choose the best process and then try to adapt it to their needs by adding new rules and removing some of the existing ones. The process should not waste your time. It should let you focus on the most important things and forget bad habits.
Right tools can help you work with the right process and this is the main goal of MrTickTock: focus on the right things and do them fast.

You can find full list of our previous post on the Unimplemented blog. They are labeled employee time tracking.

If you haven't seen MrTickTock or don't have an account yet, please go to and try it.

Your MrTickTock team.

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